Honest review of simulator Aviator: game rules and features profitable strategies 

Game Aviator has become very popular among gamers, as it provides the opportunity to make money using various strategies and tactics. It has supplanted many other slot machines and has become a leader in its field. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to bet and earn in this slot. In this review, we will talk about the features of the game and share tips for successful earning in it.

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History of the creation of the simulator

Although this slot is already considered a classic these days, it was developed much earlier than other crash games. Aviator was released by Spribe in 2018 when the developers decided to create a unique simulator that would provide players with a new level of gaming experience different from traditional slots. As soon as this slot appeared on sites working with Spribe, it instantly caught the attention of gamers.

The number of players who play Aviator continued to grow in 2019. While Aviator used to be placed in the Other category (for example, next to bingo or craps), bookmakers have now radically changed their attitude toward this slot. Previously, Aviator was categorized as "Other", but now it has a separate menu bar on betting sites. This was done for the convenience of gamblers, who can go straight to the page with the slot. Some casinos decided to combine Aviator with other similar simulators in the category of crash games. Currently, Aviator is an independent and popular slot that embodies the main idea of its creators. Thanks to its contribution to the world of gambling there has been a real revolution, and its innovative ideas have been a key factor in this success.

How to bet

Game Aviator at the online casino is multiplayer, which means that each round starts automatically, without player participation, and the user can join the game at any time. It allows you to win even those who do not consider themselves lucky, and with a minimum bet, you can quickly raise the pot to a thousand or more. The game has an updated format and interesting gameplay. To win, the player must open the simulator and place a bet. During the round, it is necessary to redeem the bet made before the plane falls. If the player fails to do so in time, he will lose his bet. Therefore, the player's quick reaction is important for success in the Aviator games.

In general, the game Aviator is quite easy to understand. She has a simple and intuitive interface, and the rules are simple. Even a user with minimal experience gambling can understand the features of this slot in just a few minutes. You can start with a single bet, and then go to the conclusion of the two bets. The two-bet option is usually used by experienced gamblers who follow a particular strategy to increase their chances of winning. In any case, it is recommended to start with a single bet.

In addition, automatic withdrawal and betting functions are available in game Aviator, which is a significant advantage for players due to its high dynamism.

Other game features

Game Aviator stands out among other online casino games because of its high return rate of 97.2%. This means that when playing for a long time, the gambler will always get back more than 97% of all his losses. This return percentage impresses many players, and this game also can win big multipliers. For those looking for a big gambling adventure, there is the option to redeem a wager of more than x1000, which means that in one round the initial bet can be increased by a thousand times.

To bet on Aviator, does not require deep knowledge of mathematics, as there is no need to make complicated calculations. The value of the user's winnings in each round depends on the strategy he uses and his luck. Experienced players prefer to divide their bankroll by several tens of rounds, which significantly reduces the risks and allows you to safely increase the amount of the bankroll.

It is important to note that bets at Casino Aviator can only be made by players of legal age. Registering at an online casino and running crash games is forbidden before this age. Aviator offers a large number of game variations, which allows you to play with both small and large budgets. The high percentage of returns makes it possible to play for a long time, suitable for both beginners and experienced players. Some beginners prefer to divide their pot into several parts to reduce the risks and extend the playing time. The pot can be divided into 10, 20, or 50 parts, which increases the chances of winning.

The official casino website contains what information?

If you've already found a casino that has Aviator games, you'll find a lot of useful information on its slot page. For example, there is a live chat room where you can chat with other players. They often share information about winnings and strategies. Also, just spending time with like-minded people can be a great opportunity.

In addition, on the Aviator game page, users can read the statistics of previous winnings, which are displayed in a transparent table with the necessary data. This will help them make the right decisions and possibly predict a few future rounds. Some users prefer to analyze the falling combinations to conclude future results.

How to start playing Aviator

The main place where you can find Slot Aviator is in online casinos. If you are offered to download an application with this simulator or play on a one-page site, do not trust such offers. Licensed game Aviator is only available on the pages of major gambling clubs, including the site of the bookmaker 1win. It is recommended to register at reliable casinos and play crash games without risk.

To start playing Aviator or another popular casino game, you need to register on the casino website. To do this, go to the home page of the selected resource, fill out a questionnaire with personal data, and confirm the creation of an account. After that, you can replenish the game account and start betting on game Aviator. If you love gambling and want to have access to the game at any time, it is recommended to download the casino app on your cell phone. This way, you can play Aviator from anywhere and at any time, which will help you enjoy and benefit from the game. If you have any questions about betting or additional features on Aviator, don't forget that you can contact technical support. Casinos such as 1win or Pin Up can always provide full information on the features of this slot.

Winning strategies for Aviator

In this slot, you need to use various tactical approaches that have been developed by experienced players specifically for this simulator. We will look at several profitable tactics that have already helped many gamblers replenish their pockets.

  • We recommend using flat betting tactics because it is the most profitable and safe approach to crash games. While many progressive bettors may argue that it's the only way to keep your bankroll intact and increase it with minimal risk. Experienced players usually divide their deposit into 20-30 parts and start betting after a few rounds when the multiplier reaches small values. It is believed that this approach allows you to catch medium and large prizes.
  • The two-betting strategy of Aviator is used to safely increase the pot. The user makes one bet at odds on the order of 1.9-2.1, and the second bet is for a higher multiplier. Typically, players manually buy out the second bet when the odds reach about 5-6, while the first bet is automatically bought out to minimize possible losses. This is a common strategy that allows you to raise the pot without the risk of large losses.
  • One of the riskiest ways to bet is the strategy of catch-up. Despite this, some users prefer to use this approach. The essence of the strategy is that the player doubles the bet size after each loss while choosing bets with odds of at least 2. Sooner or later, the player will be able to cover all past losses and win a little. However, it should be understood that this strategy is quite risky, as the player will have to bet large amounts on the 4-5th step of the catch-up. Whether to use this strategy or not is up to you to decide.


What type of games is Aviator in the simulation genre?

Crash game of multiplayer format, Aviator, starts automatically without the participation of individual players in each round.

Where can I access Aviator?

You can use this simulator to bet at any of the major bookmakers or casinos, including Pin Up, 1win, and other platforms.

How can I make automatic gambling in Aviator?

The simulator has automatic betting and automatic betting redemption features.

Can I bet on Aviator from my mobile device?

To start playing the crash game Aviator in the casino, you need to download the mobile app, deposit your account and open the appropriate section.

How often can I get big multipliers in Aviator?

It is impossible to predict when big or small X's will fall in the slot, as it depends on the random numbers generated in the game. Nevertheless, multipliers of x100 are believed to appear in the game about once every 60-90 minutes.