What are crash games, and how to play them? Detailed instructions for profitable gambling 

Today, crash gaming has become a popular topic of discussion among both ordinary players and the professional gambling community. Many materials and videos on the Internet are dedicated to this type of gambling, but not all casino visitors are familiar with them. In this review, we will look at what crash games are and why they are so popular among players.

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General principles and rules

The name crash game comes from the word "crash" in English, which means "explosion". This type of game is quite different from the usual slots for users because there are no classic lines and reels, which are run at the will of the player. A player wishing to bet on a crash game can join any round that takes place online. Crash games are multiplayer, and multiple players participate simultaneously.

Any crash game is based on the following principles:

  • To start playing on the casino portal, the registered user must open the page with the corresponding simulator and place a bet (some simulators have the possibility of placing two bets).
  • The player then waits for the start of the round, which coincides with the beginning of the multiplier growth. Usually, this process involves the movement of a particular object, which is the main character of the storyline, such as a rocket or an airplane. Sometimes characters play a major role in crash games, for example in Rocket X you can see a cartoon copy of Elon Musk holding onto a rocket as it takes off.
  • The multiplier in the game increases until a certain point when it reaches its maximum, after which the "crash" occurs. Before this point, players are advised to redeem their bet to get their winnings multiplied by the multiplier. If the player fails to redeem his bet before the "crash", he loses his bet.
  • After the round ends, there is a short break followed by the next round.

All crash games are based on the same principles, which determine the gameplay of the genre. These principles are unique to crash games and unite them into one category. But every crash game also has its peculiarities, that make it different from the other games of this genre.

Different simulators can have different sets of features for users, different multipliers, variances, and designs. In the past, players were limited to the traditional Aviator simulators, where they had to redeem the bet before the plane exploded, but now there are many more choices. Players can choose a simulator to their liking that is comfortable with the betting process and has a nice design.

Where to bet on crash games

Many users wonder where to find the best gambling sites with a variety of slots, including crash games. However, on some casino sites, crash entertainment is not designated as a separate section, but is included in the general categories of games. For example, games like Aviator, Jet X, Lucky Jet, and others can be found in sections other than traditional slots. If you want to find crash games on the gambling club site, it is recommended to study the available sections of the menu. If you have trouble finding a crash simulator, you can contact the technical support of the casino and ask for information about the location of the slot you need.

How to learn how to play this type of slots

Crash games have a simple interface that even a newcomer to online casinos can quickly master. To learn the features of the chosen game and work off betting strategies, experienced players recommend using the demo version of crash-slot, which does not require a financial investment. Almost all major online casinos provide demo mode slots for the convenience of players.


What is a crash game?

A crash game is a multiplayer simulator, which has the feature that the player can redeem his bet before the multiplier stops growing (crash).

Where can I find crash games?

Leading online casinos offer this type of entertainment.

Who can play crash games?

A person who is of legal age, ready and able to work, and has registered at an online casino and funded his or her game account.

Is it possible to play crash games for free?

Although the demo versions of these simulators are free, all the winnings you get will be virtual.