Review of the game Lucky Jet. crash slot rules, profitable betting strategies, and useful tips 

Currently, slot Lucky Jet from the bookmaker 1win is one of the most popular crash games. This game was created in 2021 and attracts beginners and experienced players alike due to its exciting gameplay and high odds of winning. Lucky Jet has a large number of strategies and tactical approaches to help raise your bankroll on this simulator.

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Where to Find the Simulator

To play this simulator, you need to go to the official website of the betting shop or casino that provides access to this game. However, to play the full version, you need an account on that site. The game was developed by the provider 1win, so the most reliable source of access to it is the site of this bookmaker's office. If a player finds this game on other sites, it is recommended to check the license of the casino and check whether the game operates based on provable honesty. All the necessary information can be obtained on the website of the gambling club or from technical support. We recommend choosing a betting company 1win to Play Lucky Jet, as they provide access to the original gaming software without intermediaries.

Rules of the game Lucky Jet

Although this crash game does not differ from other games in this genre category, many users prefer to play exactly Lucky Jet. This is because, in the opinion of many gamblers, high odds fall out here much more often. Because of this, simulator Lucky Jet is one of the most profitable, which makes it a great choice for those who want to earn money on gambling.

When opening page Lucky Jet, the user witnesses the adventures of the main character Lucky Joe, who in each round tries to reach the maximum height in the sky. However, at any moment a crash can happen and the user's bet is lost. Before the round begins, the user makes a bet, and his goal is to redeem it before the crash occurs. Some users take a risk and bet on higher multipliers, but no one knows how high Lucky Joe will go, since the game is based on a random number generator. The multiplier is determined before the start of the round and cannot be changed in any way during the game. Not even the casino can influence this process.

There are a few key points to keep in mind to be prepared for the game.

  • The rounds start automatically without requiring any action from the user to start the game. To start playing, the gambler only needs to wait for a short pause, after which Joe, boldly, will continue his attempts to achieve high multipliers.
  • The higher the level of the character, the higher the multiplier and the higher the chances of the user winning. However, if the user fails to redeem his bet before Joe falls with the jetpack behind his back, the bet will be lost completely.
  • The success of Joe's lucky flight depends on random numbers. In some rounds, he can fly and enjoy his flight for 10 minutes, while in others he can face the crash almost immediately (or at odds of 1).

If players bet on this game at the bookmaker 1win, they can take advantage of the automatic bet redemption feature when certain odds are reached. This means that the user's bet will be automatically redeemed, and the player does not need to make a cashout manually. This way, the player can bet at a more relaxed pace without having to worry that his bet might be lost due to a slow response.

Lucky Jet Demo

To get familiar with the Lucky Jet games, beginners are usually advised to start with the demo version of the simulator. This approach is the most reasonable, as safe bets with virtual money will allow you to get acquainted with the game without additional costs and risks.

The demo version of the game Lucky Jet, presented in the online casino 1win, is a useful tool for both beginners and experienced players. Thanks to her players can get acquainted with the rules of the game without risking their money. Beginners can try out different strategies and approaches to see how the game works and which strategies work best for their playing style. In addition, the demo allows you to evaluate the graphics and sound effects, which can help in choosing a game to play for real money. Experienced players can use the demo to test new strategies and analyze the results to see how effective they are in practice.

How to make money on Lucky Jet

Let's assume that the gambler has studied all the subtleties of the simulator and is ready to move on to betting for real money in cash games Lucky Jet. There are many approaches and tactics in this game, but gamblers who bet on crash games can be divided into two groups: those who follow a strategy and those who bet chaotically. The second group runs the risk of losing large sums because despite several winning rounds, losing is statistically inevitable. In addition, the behavior of the gambler and his ability to walk away from the game also affect the outcome. Sometimes the excitement can cause a gambler to lose all his money, so it is important to know when to stop.

That's why smart players who want to consistently make money, rather than hoping for luck, usually use proven betting strategies. For the game Crash, including Lucky Jet, many effective methods allow you to increase your pot in just a few minutes.

Experienced players in slot Lucky Jet often use the Martingale strategy, which is one of the most common and well-known betting methods in online casinos. This strategy is used not only on crash simulators and other types of slots but also on sports betting. In casinos, it can be applied to a variety of games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and others.

The Martingale strategy consists of doubling the bet after each loss to make a profit in the end. For example, if a player loses $10 on the first bet, he must double the bet on the next one, and so on. This allows him to recoup his losses on the first win and make a profit on it. If the player loses several times in a row, he keeps doubling his bets until he gets his winnings and recovers all of his lost money. When the player wins, he recovers all of his lost money and starts betting again with the minimum bet.

Although the Martingale strategy can be effective in theory, in practice there are several problems with its application. In particular, several losses in a row can lead to significant losses, and restrictions on the size of bets set by many casinos may limit its effectiveness. In addition, some players may not have enough money to continue doubling bets for a long series of losses. Therefore, many who use this strategy when playing Lucky Jet in online casinos, start with a small bet to avoid large risks in the case of an unsuccessful series. An important next step is to familiarize yourself with the previous multipliers that have fallen out in previous rounds. For example, if there were several blue Xs (the lowest), the user can start betting at odds of 2.

In general, the Martingale strategy can help fans of the game simulator Lucky Jet, but it does not guarantee victory and should be used with caution. It is important to control your losses and be able to stop to avoid risk when using this tactic, which is also known as the "overtake".

Steady Wins on Low X's

Another method worth mentioning is the opposite of the previous approach. Its essence is that the user bets with small odds. This strategy is suitable for patient players who are ready to give up big winnings and prefer a gradual increase in their bankroll.

When studying the game Lucky Jet, you can notice that Lucky Joe often reaches odds of 1.04-1.09. Therefore, the user can use small bets and close them in this range, which will allow him to be almost always in the plus, although the income will be small. It is also worth remembering about the possibility of crashing on the first second of the round and pausing after every 5-6 bets. However, making a profit with this strategy can take some time. Usually, players using this strategy earn no more than 20 USD per week.

The strategy of big winnings on Lucky Jet

This approach is suitable only for experienced players who are well acquainted with the rules of Lucky Jet and know how to read the game schedule. If you are willing to take a risk and test your strength on such a strategy, this method will suit you perfectly.

Experienced users believe that the x100 multiplier appears on the screen about once an hour. To use this multiplier, a beginner needs to determine the last time it appeared, wait an hour, and start betting. In this regard, experienced players share a few tips for beginners.

  • The starting stages require caution and it is recommended not to conclude until the plane reaches an acceleration of x50.
  • If a winning bet has been made, you can try it again to increase your chances of success.
  • If you have already won on the x50 multiplier and x100 did not fall out before, it is worth waiting for its appearance during the second attempt.

Experienced players recommend using this strategy no more than once a day. Slot machine Lucky Jet can bring great profits, but too much complacency can lead to the loss of all your bankroll.

Double Bet Tactics

This method is based on risk assessment and the ability to predict the outcome of the round in advance. The double betting tactic was developed by experienced players who know how to win large sums in Lucky Jet. The scheme of this strategy is quite simple: the player makes two bets before the start of the round. He redeems the first bet at odds of about 1.5, and the second bet when the multiplier reaches about 3-5. This allows the player to partially or completely cover the losses and get the opportunity to go in the plus. The player chooses the bet amount independently, but some people prefer to bet half of their pot on the first bet, and the whole pot on the second bet.

The tactic "Downside".

This approach is to keep the bank small and increase it at a distance. The basic idea of the strategy is to reduce the multiplier gradually but increase the size of the bet. For example, the first bet is $10 with a multiplier of 3. If unsuccessful, the next bet is $30 with a multiplier of 2.9. This approach reduces risk and increases the chances of winning.


Where can I bet at Lucky Jet?

You can find this game at a casino and betting site called 1win.

Can I trust this simulator 100%?

Indeed, the Provably Fair mechanism on which the Lucky Jet slots are based ensures the fairness of the game, which is confirmed by the guarantee.

With what frequency does the x100 multiplier appear in the game Lucky Jet?

This factor appears about once an hour.

Is it recommended to use the auto-betting feature?

If you love gambling but have trouble controlling your time in the game, this feature will be useful for you. Auto-cashout will help you avoid losses due to waiting for favorable odds or slow reactions.

Is it possible to place two bets in Lucky Jet instead of one?

Yes, on this simulator you can choose between one or two bets. If you choose two bets, it is recommended to use special betting strategies.

Is a guessing strategy suitable for playing Lucky Jet?

This strategy is highly risky and the decision to use it in gambling is left to the player to consider his skills and possible risks.