The best strategies in crash games, which will help to quickly raise the pot 

Today, crash games have become popular among players who risk their money. Many of them believe that there is no guaranteed winning strategy, but playing with a system is much better than random betting. If a player does not have a good strategy, he can lose all his money. In this review, we will look at several effective strategies and tactics that will help you increase your chances of winning in crash games.

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Basic rules of crash games

Slots belonging to the "reviewed type" category can differ in different characteristics. Each crash game has its own unique design and control features. However, if we consider the general gameplay, all crash games are approximately the same. Their rules are as follows:

  • To place a bet in the game, it is necessary to enter the amount in a special field, which is designed for this purpose.
  • Then the gambler waits for the start of the round.
  • When a new round begins, the player is allowed to control the growth of the multiplier. In different simulators, this can be presented in different ways and with the help of different characters, such as the actor, rocket, plane, etc.
  • It is up to the user to decide when to redeem the bet.
  • It is necessary to finish the checkout before there is a stoppage of growth of the flight (crash). If the player doesn't have time to withdraw his bet before the end of the plane or rocket's upward flight, he will lose his entire bet.

The essence of each crash game is to stop the process and prevent the main object from exploding or leaving the playing field. The player can then move on to the next round, which starts almost instantly.

What are the benefits of using betting strategies?

Using a proven strategy in crash games allows gamblers to avoid losing a large amount of money in a single game session. With the help of such tactics, even with a small deposit, it is possible to increase your bank. In most crash games, users can make two bets at once, which allows them to win or cover the costs in case they lose one bet. Playing at random, hoping for luck, usually ends in failure and loss of money. There are different types of strategies, some of them help to get ahead quickly, while others require patience and perseverance. If the user wants to leave the official casino site with a lot of money, the only effective way is to use proven tactics.

Methods of betting in crash games: Martingale.

There are many betting strategies used in crash games, including a popular tactic called Martingale. This system has been used by almost all players betting on various crash slots, including Aviator and Lucky Jet. It is also widely used in betting on other types of slots and in sports betting. Its essence is that after a loss, the bet is doubled to make up for the loss and make a profit. This is one of the most famous and popular betting systems in casinos.

This strategy has its advantages and disadvantages, and some players support Martingale and those who are against it. One of the main advantages of using Martingale on crash games is its simplicity. It is easy to test in demo mode and use in practice, and no special knowledge or skills are required to use it. In addition, this approach usually has high odds of winning, and the user can recover their losses at steps 4-5. Another important advantage of this approach is the ability to recover losses quickly. The Martingale system gives the user the ability to quickly regain their bankroll after a loss and get back in the black after an unsuccessful bet.

However, it should be noted that using the Martingale strategy has its disadvantages. One of the main restrictions is the betting limits set by most casinos. These limits can be both maximum and minimum and can vary greatly depending on the particular gambling club and type of game. If a player suffers several losses in a row, their bets will double, and the limits can become a serious problem, especially if the bet amount increases. In addition, the risk of losing a large amount of money for the sake of a small win is also a disadvantage of this strategy, which is especially noticeable for newcomers in the world of gambling. For example, if you started with a bet of $10 and lost three times in a row, then according to the Martingale strategy your next bet will be $80. However, if the casino has set a maximum betting limit of $100, then you will not be able to make your next bet under this strategy.

Some casinos set not only maximum betting limits but also minimum betting limits. This can pose a problem for those who want to start the game with a small bet and gradually increase it according to the strategy used, including the Martingale strategy, which may not be possible in this case.

Therefore, before applying the Martingale strategy, you should make sure that the betting limits in the chosen casino will not hinder its use, and familiarize yourself with them. If the limits are too tight, you can try to find another game club or choose another betting strategy for crash games, as many of them have been invented nowadays.

Two-betting strategy

Another popular strategy is to make two bets at once. The user buys a bet with low odds (about 1.5), and for the second one waits for a higher quote. Experienced players believe that the optimal moment to enter the game comes after a few odds less than 1.5. Thus, it is possible to count on higher odds, at which both bets will be winning.

This strategy has the disadvantage that sometimes a long series of low odds can occur. For example, in some cases, odds above 1.5-1.6 do not fall for 4-5 or more games. There can be long streaks of low multipliers in crash games, and a player who continues to play without stopping after such a period often suffers heavy losses.

Waiting for a high multiplier

Crash games often use a tactic that assumes that a high multiplier occurs on average once per hour. The user analyzes the history of previous games, keeps track of the time, and starts betting at the right moment. The advantage of this strategy is that you can catch a high multiplier. But there is a disadvantage: even a few rounds can empty the player's bank if the multiplier does not fall out. The final decision on whether to use this approach or not is up to the player.


Are all crash games the same?

Although all simulators are based on the same principle, they may differ from each other in the details of their operation and design.

Do I need to use tactics in crash-type games?

The player can choose which betting strategies to use. Applying proven tactics helps to increase the likelihood of consistent profits.

Is Martingale's tactic recommended in the game?

This strategy has a high level of risk, and it is up to the player to decide whether or not to use it, taking into account his capabilities and personal preferences.

Should I use the double-betting tactic?

When using this strategy with the right approach, it is possible to reduce the probability of risks and increase the chance of success.

Does it often happen in crash games that a multiplier of 100 appears?

With most of the crash slots, the multiplier of 100 occurs approximately once per hour.