Review of the simulator Aviatrix. Features of the slot, how to bet, and where to find a slot machine 

Recently, the search for simulators that can be an alternative to Aviator has become important for gamblers, especially for those who prefer modern and profitable solutions. One such simulator is Aviatrix, which was developed based on the NFT and works on the principle of Provably Fair.

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General information about the slot

In 2022 provider Aviatrix released a new simulator where the minimum bet is $0.1 and the maximum multiplier is x10,000. This simulator has a high return rate of 97%. Users can also bet on mobile devices, laptops, or computers. The slot also has a demo game option.

The Aviatrix has simple game rules: the player bets before the plane takes off, and the multiplier starts to grow. The maximum multiplier is x10000 and this is the winnings the player can get. The goal of the player is to land the plane before it explodes - like in other crash games. To do this, the player can use either manual mode or automatic bet redemption.

In the process of multiplier growth, a significant role is played by the plane, which can be customized to your liking. The user can choose the color scheme and the name of the glider. The player can choose the perfect color for the plane and its elements, and the created object will be displayed on the screen during the game.

The game Aviatrix differs from the usual slots and crash games in its unique approach. It has a high level of design and more realistic graphics than the classic Aviator, which is confirmed by the reviews of many players. The peculiarity of Aviatrix is the ability to improve your plane by purchasing additional features for real money. This gives gamblers additional opportunities to improve their gaming experience.

How to play at Aviatrix

Aviatrix is a game for money, with the rules which you will probably figure out in a couple of minutes. Gambling on the simulator Aviatrix is largely similar to the gameplay on other crash entertainments. When the user opens the screen, he sees the plane on the runway. Below the plane are two betting keys. The user can place either one bet or two. When the plane gains altitude, the multiplier starts to increase. The betting button turns green, and the user gets the option to redeem the bet. By clicking on the cashout option, the player thereby cashes the amount that is specified at the appropriate moment. However, in case the plane explodes before clicking on this option, the bet will be lost.

Tournaments Aviatrix

A distinctive feature of this simulator is the possibility for gamblers to participate in interesting tournaments, where it is necessary to bet on NFT planes. The total amount of prize money is distributed among the tournament participants, and the winners are determined once a day. By participating in tournaments, users can win large cash prizes, and their chances of winning directly depend on the bets made.

Where Aviatrix is available

Players don't have to search for Aviatrix on the internet, as this game can be found at large online casinos such as Pin Up. The Pin Up portal uses the latest encryption technology, which guarantees the safety of user's data and the payments they make. If users have questions regarding the Aviatrix games or navigate the Pin Up site, they can get answers in the technical support chat.

Gamblers can play Aviatrix not only on this site but also on other sites, for example, on the site of a large bookmaker's office 1win. This site allows users to bet on many of the latest simulators, including rare slots and has a well-developed casino section. That's why gamblers who care about novelty and a wide range of betting opportunities often choose this site.

Where to start playing

To make bets in the game "Crash" on platform Aviatrix, it is necessary to register on the gambling portal. After registration, the user can deposit their account and withdraw their winnings. The user can choose any site where there is this game "Crash", however, for the greatest reliability and convenience, it is recommended to choose a service with the best conditions of service and without problems with the withdrawal of winnings. Most modern gambling clubs offer registration through a cell phone number or e-mail.

Usually, the administration of the casino also requires users to verify their accounts. This requirement is present at most gaming sites, as through verification the player confirms his age and the correctness of the specified payment data.

Different gambling clubs have different methods of crediting funds to the game account. Users can use different payment methods, including bank cards, e-wallets, Internet commerce facilities, cryptocurrency, and other systems. However, before making a deposit, you should familiarize yourself with the deposit and withdrawal limits. To make a deposit, you need to go to the official website of your chosen gambling club and go to the Cashier section. Then you need to specify the amount to deposit and details for withdrawal. After the money is credited to the gaming account, you can start betting in Aviatrix and other available slots.

What should you do if access to a casino where you can play Aviatrix has been blocked in your country?

Aviatrix is an online game that is in demand among gamblers from different countries who like to win large amounts of money. Some people play it as a popular form of entertainment, while others see it as a chance to earn or even win big prizes. However, the legislation of some countries does not take into account the interests of players and often blocks access to gambling, which greatly complicates the life of gamblers. However, gambling clubs and betting shops have found ways to provide their customers with access to their favorite games.

In case the main casino domain is blocked, a player can use a mirror site, which is a duplicate of the portal. To restore access to crash games, the user has two options - a mobile application or a mirror. Other methods of bypassing blocking are not always effective and do not allow quick access to the game. The speed of operation of the simulator is an important factor in the success of crash games.

It is important to note that the casino mirror not only bypasses blocking but can also be used to improve the speed of the site and provide stable access. If the main site of the gaming club has a high load or technical problems, the mirror can provide faster access to the games.

Also, a mirror page can serve to protect the privacy of players. If a gambler wants to remain anonymous, he can use a mirror to play on a gambling site, hiding his real IP address. This function may be in demand in some cases.

However, when using a gambling club mirror, it is important to understand that not all links are equally reliable. Many scammers on the Internet create sites that may resemble a casino mirror but collect players' data for fraudulent purposes. Therefore, you need to be careful and choose proven and reliable gambling club mirrors.

For example, attackers can create copies of real sites, which are called "phishing mirrors". These fake sites look and work just like the real ones, but they are created to collect users' data, such as logins, passwords, bank card details, etc. Fraudsters use this data to hack accounts and commit financial fraud. Therefore, if you receive a link to a suspicious site that supposedly offers a casino-online game, but looks dubious, it is better not to contact it.

To stay out of trouble, you need to check the authenticity and security of the casino mirror before using it. First, you should make sure that the design of the mirror is identical to the main page, the only difference is the domain name. Also, you should make sure that there is a valid SSL certificate, which guarantees the security of connections and the transfer of players' data in encrypted form. In addition, it is worth reading the reviews and comments of other users to properly assess the site or find another site to play Slot Aviatrix.

How reliable is the simulator

Aviatrix is one of the reliable slots where users can bet safely without fear of fraud or hacking. This simulator uses the Provably Fair mechanism, which generates random numbers using cryptographic algorithms and confirms game results. Some gamblers may not understand how Provably Fair works, but they know that the simulators that use this mechanism are reliable and trustworthy.

The mechanism is based on mathematical algorithms that generate the results of the game. At the beginning of each round, a unique number is generated on the server, which becomes a multiplier crash. After the end of the round, the player can check the fairness of the game by clicking on crash in the history of previous rounds and selecting the appropriate option. To check it, it is necessary to copy the hash from the corresponding line and paste it into the mathematical generator, which will show the appropriate multiplier.

Hash is a technology that allows you to create a unique print of a random number. Each fingerprint corresponds to a specific round of the game and a specific multiplier that was generated before the start of the round.

With this technology, which is used in the Aviatrix simulator, players can be assured of the fairness of the game. This is especially true for online casinos, where it is impossible to observe the actions of the croupier. Earlier players could not be confident in the fairness of online gambling clubs, but thanks to this technology, they can enjoy the game without fear of being cheated.


What is a game of Aviatrix?

This simulator is a crash game with a multiplayer mode and uses NFT technology.

What rewards are available when placing bets in the Aviatrix game?

The game provides a variety of ways for players to be rewarded, such as receiving NFT or cryptocurrency. In addition, users can also get additional cashback, which is calculated based on the number of bets they lose.

Is it safe to play at Aviatrix?

This slot machine is safe for users thanks to Provably Fair technology, which ensures provable honesty. Gambling on this simulator does not pose any risks.

Where can I get access to Aviatrix?

To play this simulator, you need to go to the websites of major casinos. However, if you are a gambler, it is worth remembering that bets using the NFT simulator should be made only on proven sites that have a good reputation among users.